Op 10 september 2018 reikt The Hague & Partners voor de tweede maal de The Hague Awards uit aan bijzondere initiatieven en projecten met een economische spin-off voor de stad. Lees hieronder meer over de genomineerden van dit jaar!

On September 10th, The Hague & Partners will hand out The Hague Awards for the second time to highlight special initiatives and projects that create economic spin-off for the city. Read more about this year’s nominees below!

  • Restaurant 6&24

  • Samasource

  • Masterly The Hague

The Newcomer Award

Restaurant 6&24

“It is special that in such a short time a restaurant creates both good occupancy and great publicity for the city.”


“Samasource is truly innovative, and fits within The Hague’s ambition to also be recognized as IT and Security hub. They link high tech to corporate social responsibility.”

Masterly The Hague

“A festival that brings together historical Dutch masterpieces and Dutch design in The Hague.”

  • De Pier


  • Hoftrammm

The Success Award

De Pier

“The main success of the Pier has been the transformation from a neglected, unattractive location to a successful attraction where local entrepreneurs get a chance and where everyone likes to go”


“The most powerful ambassador for potential expats, companies and other newcomers.”


“Hoftrammm is a truly original concept. It lets its guests discover the city of The Hague in all its facets while enjoying a snack and a drink.”

  • Danny Frietman

  • Marcella Maltha

  • Leontine Smith

The Personality Award

Danny Frietman 

“Danny is pre-eminently an entrepreneur who fights for his city from his entrepreneurial heart.”

Marcella Maltha

“Marcella Maltha has for years successfully made the connection between local entrepreneurs,

visitors and the municipality. ”

Leontine Smith

“As a spider in the web of small and medium-sized businesses in The Hague, she provides positive publicity for the city on many fronts.”